FluteFX integrates artistic intuition with experienced craftmanship to unleash your flute’s potential. Whether you require a major or minor repair, or a complex voicing, FluteFX will meet your needs.

Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA)

Before repairs begin, the flute is play tested to assess its arrival condition. After determining the necessary work that is required, the following standard servicing commences:
• Cleaning of the flute tubing and all mechanism
• Removal and replacement of oil throughout
• Careful note of individual spring tensions taken and is maintained
• Minor shimming of the pads is performed
• Adjustments are made, and keys synchronized
• Thorough play testing performed and re-adjusted

From $395.00* USD
*modification of case fit is available for an additional fee

Overhaul (OH)

Before beginning work, the flute is thoroughly play tested and its inherent qualities are observed so that they may be retained. The standard repairs are as follows:
• Replaced: pads, corks, foams, adjustments, (trills and D# replaced if needed)
• All solder joints are checked and key fit adjusted (replaced if necessary)
• All flute tubing and mechanism tubing is thoroughly cleaned and hand polished
• Thoroughly play tested multiple times to ensure original qualities are retained

From $985.00* USD
*modification of case fit is available for an additional fee
*dent removal available for an additional fee

Emergency Repairs (ER)

Priority repair service for those flutists that need the last minute fix or pad replacement. Overnight service can be guaranteed dependent upon the condition of the instrument and the time of day received.

Pricing available after condition of the instrument is assessed

Expert Voicing (EVO)

Each instrument is different and requires careful balancing of springs, pads, and adjustments to make it play its very best. Voicing is performed on an instrument that is playing well, but doesn’t quite have that ‘zing’ you desire. Voicing will only enhance the resonance of your flute. Nothing is removed, carved, or soldered to the flute. It is kept in its inherent original shape from whence it came, but it will ring like never before.

From $395* USD
*A COA may be necessary to properly voice the instrument

Consulting Services (CS)

FluteFX has a proven track record of finding the right equipment for your performance and professional needs. Not only do we know of the best new and used instruments available, but we assess your needs, your style of playing, your interests, and then take a personal interest in making a successful match, one on one. With 30 years of experience playing and understanding all makes and models, Steven P. Finley of FluteFX, will take good care in helping to match you with the instrument of your dreams.

Pricing available upon request

Instrument Appraisals (AP)

Available upon request

Terms and Payment

A deposit of 50% of the estimated total will be due at the time your flute arrives at FluteFX. The balance owed is to be paid within 10 business days. For your records, each instrument will be returned with a custom FluteFX invoice detailing the work that was done on your instrument. For your convenience, FluteFX accepts checks, money orders, and PayPal.